Fotos sind online

We´re happy to present you this years bootycamp gallery with over 100 pictures . Also our website is...

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Early-Birds bis 7.2.

All „Early-Birds“ get special prices by booking until 31th January, 2020. With an early booking you...

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Website online

At high pressure, we have worked on our website and may finally present you this.

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Booking successful

Many thanks for your registration for the Boot(y)camp!

Your online-booking was successful, will be processed promptly and in the next few days we will send you our invoice by e-mail (invoice recipient for all participants is always „Participant 1“). Payment has to be done within 7 days after receiving the invoice.  If you did also subscribe to our newsletter, you´ll get an email with a confirmation link, too. If not, please feel free to register for our newsletter at any time.

We are looking forward to welcome you!