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We´re happy to present you this years bootycamp gallery with over 100 pictures . Also our website is...

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Early-Birds bis 7.2.

All „Early-Birds“ get special prices by booking until 31th January, 2020. With an early booking you...

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At high pressure, we have worked on our website and may finally present you this.

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Group discount

Together with our early bird discount we offer a group discount, too. Are you running a fitness- or dancestudio, are you a personal trainer or twerXout trainer? Would you like to join us with your students at the Bootycamp?

If you register as a group we offer a discount of EUR 15,- per person on the valid price. 

The following conditions apply for group registrations:

  • The group has to consist of at least 10 people (paying adults), who register via our website at the same time.
  • The group discount applies to all room categories and we will deduct EUR 15,- once for every person (no matter if they book a single, double, triple or four-bed room).
  • The organizer of the group must give his group a name (for example group "Sudio XY") and this group name has to be filled in in the field “Micellaneous” at the same time of booking.
  • The booking can be done by the organizer himself or by each individual participant. In any case, the booking of all group members has to be done at the same time (within 24 hours) and contain all required data of each group member. Depending on the category of the booked  room the first mentioned participant on the booking will receive the invoice via email. The invoice has to be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.
  • If an individual member of a group cancels our cancellation policies apply. However, at the beginning of the event, the size of the group has to be at least 10 people. If this minimum group size cannot be reached, you forfeit your group discount and we will send a bill for the outstanding amount (per person EUR 15,-).
  • As a group booking we only accept “real groups” of people who live in the same area, the organizer lives in, and who were indeed invited by the organizer to join him at Bootycamp. We reserve the right of acceptance of a group booking.

Informations for the organiser of the group

We are happy to support you as organizer of a/your group as best we can:

  • We provide a flyer to promote the event free of charge and will send you up to 200 copies if you wish. Just contact us via email.
  • You can download our web-banner and put it onto your own website.
  • Promote the Bootycamp on your Facebook page and invite your friends.
  • To promote the event on your website or your Facebook or Instagram page you are welcome to use text and pictures from our website (picture credits:

If your are organizing a group or booking for a group (of at least 10 members) Bootycamp you will receive a credit of EUR 15,- per group member on our own booking!

For example: if your group has 10 people, you will get EUR 150,- once only credited for your own participation at Bootycamp 2019; if there are 20 people, it would be EUR 300,- and so on.

The credit is not transferable and cannot be paid out in cash. The credit amount can only be redeemed for Bootycamp 2019.